Veolia Water Technologies UK supports green hydrogen production

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) is supplying water treatment systems to global water electrolyser manufacturers as part of the water treatment specialist’s movement into the Hydrogen production market.

VWT UK’s systems can be fed with reservoir, river, borehole or saline feed water to produce water suitable for feeding PEM electrolysers.

Water electrolysis has a key role to play in the production of hydrogen. To ensure efficient water electrolysis, only high purity deionised feed water must be used to prevent impurities from concentrating inside the electrolyser, which can adversely affect the performance of the electrode and diaphragm surfaces. Failure to meet deionised water requirements not only leads to faster system deterioration, but also a reduction in system performance.

The global water electrolyser manufacturer in question, wanted to expand its offer and provide water purification systems to customers as part of an overall package. To support this objective, the manufacturer approached VWT UK to supply water purification solutions, due to VWT’s previous experience with similar companies and knowledge of the water requirements for efficient hydrogen production.

VWT UK’s solution is a modular system that can effectively treat feed water to the required quality to feed PEM electrolysers. It has been specifically designed to manage inlet water with high hardness and salinity, as well as ensure a variable flow rate to suit any requirement. The plant also includes softening and reverse osmosis (RO) systems to meet the electrolysers required conductivity of < 3 μS/cm.

This initial solution was developed for the manufacturer’s European-based customers. However, the partnership now also includes the supply of water deionisation plants to the manufacturer’s customers operating in the USA. VWT’s global presence, service support capability and structure was a key benefit. The organisation’s local delivery business units will adapt VWT UK’s systems in order to meet all USA standards (ASME, UL).

This is just one example of the standardised and exportable solutions VWT can provide to meet the needs of electrolyser manufacturers and support renewable hydrogen production around the world.

“We are delighted to support green hydrogen production, a source of energy that will undoubtedly play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” commented Derek McIntyre, Business Development Director at Veolia Water Technologies UK. “By working with VWT UK, hydrogen producers can benefit from our extensive series of treatment technologies, as well as our deep understanding of the treatment requirements for various feed water sources, to ensure the treated water is suitable for use in electrolysers. Our global service presence also ensures we can support water treatment systems for electrolysers wherever they are installed.”

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