WaterIQ announces availability of its disruptive and advanced Pulsar 4400 and 3400 ultrasonic algae mitigation systems

WaterIQ Technologies, specialists in next-generation ultrasonic solutions to combat harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals, has announced the availability of its disruptive and advanced Pulsar 4400 and 3400 ultrasonic devices for large and small water bodies.

Designed for use by drinking water utilities, wastewater processing, agriculture, aquaculture, vineyards, golf courses, HOAs, lakes and ponds, municipal governments, and recreational waters – the company say the updated Pulsar represents the industry’s most advanced ultrasonic products in the market.

Emitting 4,400 frequencies in two-bands, the Pulsar platform targets green and blue green algae found in freshwater bodies as well as golden algae, and dinoflagellates that cause red tide, found in saltwater bodies with its high precision frequencies. The Pulsar can now impact and disable flagella, present in Prymnesium parvum, commonly known as golden algae, which is frequently responsible for fish-kills and dinoflagellates, such as Karenia brevis, which causes red tide and is found in some of the warmest waters in the country.

“WaterIQ’s efforts toward preventing and destroying algae beyond traditional ultrasonic methods demonstrates what is achievable with high precision ultrasound targeting,” stated Lawrence Field, CEO and Chairman of WaterIQ Technologies. “Our next-generation Pulsar takes ultrasound to a whole new level terminating more alga types than ever.”

The chemical-free products, which the company says are perfectly safe for fish and plants, prevent algae growth by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves that disrupt gas vesicles, flagella, and other cellular mechanisms in the algae, causing them to sink to the bottom and die, without releasing toxins. The disruption of algae cellular structures is critical to the eradication of algae and occurs through Critical Structural Resonance, which causes simple cell structures to resonate. The more frequencies emitted towards an algae cell the more likely it will resonate and be destroyed. The Pulsar also maintains its high-performance in the prevention of biofilm.

WaterIQ believes their Pulsar platforms represent the industry’s most powerful ultrasonic defence products in the market today.




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