CERAFILTEC celebrates inauguration of landmark Production, Science & Technology Centre

CERAFILTEC, a global leader in ceramic flat membrane (CFM) technology, welcomed more than 200 guests from around the world to the formal inauguration of its landmark Production, Science & Technology Centre.

CERAFILTEC’s new location is Europe’s largest production facility, enabling an annual supply of CFMs to treat 3,000,000 m³/d of water and wastewater. Filtration modules for projects totalling 200,000 m³/d capacity are already produced and stocked for immediate shipment.

The facility also incorporates CERAFILTEC’s research & development, engineering operations and administration, centralising all key functions. Visitors to the new centre will find CERAFILTEC’s innovative ‘DNA’ manifest on the exterior of the new building itself, which mirrors its high performance flat membrane module.

“The inauguration of our new centre marks a significant milestone for both CERAFILTEC and the broader CFM technology landscape,” stated Kay Gunther Gabriel, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of CERAFILTEC. “This strategic investment paves the way for ceramic flat membrane solutions to be the standard in global filtration. Our Science & Technology Center will spearhead the development of innovative Alumina and Silicon Carbide membranes, leading to new, sustainable, and transformative benchmarks.”

In addition to consolidating R&D and production in the new facility, the company also announced plans to expand its support infrastructure and regional reach to best serve its partners and customers across the globe and to meet the growing demand for its cutting-edge technology. Currently, the company has offices in 10 locations with three more opening soon.

Dr. Tillmann Lauk, Chief Executive Officer of CERAFILTEC, underscored two critical milestones recently achieved by the company. “Firstly, in December 2022, we proudly announced the successful completion of a €30 million growth capital investment, thereby expediting our global expansion,” he stated. “Moving onto the second key advancement,” Dr. Lauk continued, “this newly inaugurated facility will expedite the global transition from traditional sand filters and polymeric membranes to our advanced CFM solution.”

“Ceramic flat membrane technology is rapidly becoming the new global standard for filtration, offering superior commercial and technical benefits,” asserted Julius Gloeckner, the Chief Commercial Officer. “Moreover, our reusable and recyclable filtration modules will play a crucial role in realizing current and future sustainability targets and reducing waste.”

CERAFILTEC has developed novel treatment processes for the selective removal of priority pollutants such as PFAS and other micropollutants utilizing its active cake layer filtration in conjunction with CFMs. This successfully addresses several current pressing water challenges. Furthermore, “utilizing CERAFILTEC’s expertise in key applications such as seawater pre-treatment and water reuse enhances global water security,” affirms Dr. Martin Kaschek, CERAFILTEC’s Chief Science Officer. 



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