Helping water utilities tackle storm overflow issues today to stem the tide of tomorrow

Craig Webb, Municipal Wastewater Sector Manager, SAVECO Environmental, explores how SAVECO is helping Water Companies rise to the challenge.

With Ofwat effectively putting wastewater companies on notice to improve river water quality during AMP7, reducing the impact of storm overflows is more critical than ever.

Whilst easier said than done, this presents a great opportunity for companies to take bold actions and seek innovative solutions to resolve this challenging, multi-faceted issue.

Fig.1 A semi-circular screening basket of the VSE Overflow Spillway.

As a supplier of preliminary wastewater treatment solutions to leading water utilities companies and civil engineering firms, the company’s team of sector specialists is acutely aware of the commercial, social, political, and environmental pressures on the industry to improve river water quality immediately.

Given the rise in storm overflow discharges documented both in trade and mainstream media, demand is high within the sector for products that help treat the water contained within the overflows, as well as reducing the capacity demands on the sewerage system.

In the case of SAVECO, the sales team report having positive conversations with utility companies regarding their own Overflow Spillways VSE product range and what this can do to improve operational efficiencies and asset management.

Comprising a horizontal semi-circular (see fig. 1), perforated plate filter plus a complete spiral and drive unit, the VSE Overflow Spillways are used to screen overflow wastewater and installed on the side edge of overflow channels.

The screen operates when the water level is higher than the one set by the level sensor and automatically stops as the water level decreases. The overflowing water passes through a horizontal filter which holds back solids inside.

The filter is cleaned by means of a rotating spiral equipped with wear-proof polymer brushes. Screenings do not need to be removed from the screen as the spiral also acts as a conveyor (axial direction) moving solids to the outlet (see figs 1, 2 & 3).

Fig. 2 The inner workings of the VSE Overflow Spillway out in line installation.
Fig.3 – A VSE Overflow Spillway.

What SAVECO customers say they find particularly attractive about the product is the competitive screenings capture ratio amongst the three sizes on offer:

  • 3 mm round holes – 60%
  • 5 mm round holes – 50/55%
  • 8 mm round holes – 40/45%

These statistics compare favourably with well-established pre-treatment suppliers within the market. The largest 8mm model for example delivers treatment of over 5555 litres of water per second (based on a 30% blinding factor).

The VSE Screens also provide automatic operation, easy installation in existing plants as well as customisable options such as a control panel, an alternative degree of motor protection as well as an alternative voltage and frequency. 

Craig Webb, Municipal Wastewater Sector Manager, SAVECO Environmental Limited

Municipal Wastewater Sector Manager, Craig Webb, said:

“To help our clients meet regulatory requirements, fulfil corporate social responsibilities, and tackle the issue head-on, greater innovation is required within the wider water sector – so that great product suppliers, become great product innovators – matching market demand with commercial reality.

“We believe this presents an opportunity for all involved within the water sector supply chain to look outside as well as within. Whilst we are aware of the significant external challenges and circumstances to remedy this complex matter, SAVECO has always prided itself on looking at the bigger picture and pan-industry innovations. Overflow spillways serve as one significant way in which we can help improve conditions in the short term to mitigate the effects of storm overflow discharge.”

About SAVECO Environmental Ltd

SAVECO is the UK subsidiary of the globally operating WAMGROUP – providing state-of-the art solutions in effluent and sludge pre-treatment in municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors.

SAVECO’s product portfolio includes:

  • Archimedean water screw pumps, screenings handling, compacting, penstocks, clarifier bridges, lime dosing, sand and grit treatment, septic treatment, screw press separators, micro-filters, submersible slurry agitators, slurry pumps and biomass feeding systems.

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