SES Water achieves industry award for water efficient site

SES Water has been awarded the Waterwise Checkmark for Offices for demonstrating commitment to operating water efficiently at its head office in Redhill.

The water company uses a rainwater harvesting system to flush toilets on site, as well as having Cistern Displacement Devices to reduce the amount of water flushed each time. On average 30 per cent of water used in the building comes from the rainwater tank. Sensor taps have also been installed to reduce the amount of water wasted from taps left running. and water use is regularly reviewed across the site to help identify leaks more quickly.

Information with water saving advice have been placed around the site to empower employees to take action and use water sparingly, as well as raising the importance of reporting leaks and how to do so.

Water Strategy Manager at SES Water, Alison Murphy, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded the Waterwise Checkmark at our Redhill office. As a water supplier we are only too aware of how important water is as a resource and why we must all play our part to save as much of it as we can.

“We are proud of the water efficient systems and employee messaging we have across the site and this award is great recognition of our continued efforts to make sure every drop counts.”

Waterwise’s Projects & Research Manager and Checkmark Assessor, Laura White, said: “Congratulations to SES Water for achieving our Checkmark for Offices award. We were impressed with the steps the company has taken to use alternative water supplies at its Redhill office, reducing reliance on mains supply.

“We were also pleased to see the excellent use of posters aimed at engaging employees about how to save water in different parts of the office, alongside a report which allows for progress on water efficiency at the site to be tracked.”

Offices are key areas where water use can be reduced and, on average, water savings from simple water efficiency measures could be between 30 and 67 per cent*.

In commercial situations, major cost savings can be gained through installing and checking the following:

  • Urinal controls or waterless urinals
  • Efficient flush toilets
  • Automatic or sensor taps
  • Using eco settings on appliances in kitchen areas
  • Checking meters at night or when no water is being used to monitor leakage
SourceSES Water



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