Premier Tech enhances their range of Rewatec Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) sewage treatment plants

Premier Tech Water and Environment has enhanced their range of Rewatec SAF sewage treatment plants to combine energy efficiency with an exceptionally high wastewater treatment performance.

As part of the redesign, the Rewatec SAF now features an internal baffle in the primary chamber to assist with the removal of solids and organics, and to prevent potential blockages downstream. A new pipe arrangement to optimise the level of oxygen induced into the biozone chamber, also improves the operational efficiency of wastewater treatment. Other unique attributes such a simpler manifold design and a new manifold extension kit increase the overall reliability of the plant, whilst also making it easier to install, commission, service and maintain.

All Rewatec SAF plants are supplied with a robust kiosk to house the electronic and mechanical componentry required to operate the system. Innovative features such as temperature and pressure alarms and air filter monitoring are included as standard, with options such as acoustic lining and GSM and/or BMS communication for remote plant monitoring, available upon request.

A variable speed three phase blower to increase efficiency, reduce energy usage, reduce costs and lower the overall carbon footprint, can be installed within the kiosk on all plants above 100 PE. An optional probe can also be supplied to regulate the air supply in the biozone chamber, again maximising energy efficiency whilst reducing cost for the end user.

Dr Evangelos Petropoulos – Senior Technical Engineer commented:

“As an environmental company we have the moral obligation to protect our water resources and pass them to our children in a state better than that we had received from our ancestors. To ensure a more sustainable future, we continuously develop more efficient, more reliable, and easier to operate wastewater treatment systems. To further enhance this commitment and to provide the best-in-class product, we are proud to release our new generation of SAF wastewater treatment plants.

This is only possible due to the strong relationships we have with our customer partners, many of whom were heavily involved in every aspect of development. The feedback they provided in terms of technical requirements, operational efficiency, installation and design were all carefully considered. This has resulted in a highly efficient and highly reliable system that has surpassed their expectations”.

Rewatec kiosks

Uniquely engineered from robust GRP, the Rewatec SAF can cater for commercial businesses and residential communities with a population of up to 600 people. Bespoke designs to meet specific application parameters, seasonal usage fluctuations and larger population requirements, can also be manufactured in consultation with Premier Tech’s expert in house engineering team, to meet the exact needs of end-users, engineers, architects, specifiers and consultants.

Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with EN12566-3 for plants below 50PE, EN12255 for plants above 50PE and the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads, the Rewatec SAF is capable of meeting strict effluent standards that exceed UK environmental discharge requirements, for a range of on-site applications that don’t have access to the main sewage network.

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